quote-mark.png  My philosophy is to seek excellence in creating exceptional places and service-driven hospitality experiences for a circle of initiates who, in addition to certain values, share a special vision of life and luxury. Luxury that isnt afraid of simplicity. Luxury that embraces authenticity. Rethinking luxury

Michel Reybier

Portrait de Michel Reybier La Reserve Collection.png

Excellence, authenticity, simplicity

quote-mark.png My wish is that each of my guests, well-known or unknown but always acknowledged, should feel at home while being elsewhere; that they may share in an art of living filled with extreme refinement and delightful moments.

The discovery of an exceptional wine, a personalised spa programme for an enhanced and longer life, a small kindness, a meaningful gesture… We are a House where people naturally gather; a club one is keen to enter and where spending time is a true pleasure.”

/ Michel Reybier /